Crowns of Empowerment
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Monday, March 20, 2017
By Natalie Jackson O'Neal Photography
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I am so proud to announce that the Interactive Reception for my exhibit Crowns of Empowerment was a great success. The beautiful models mingled with the audience, the star-studded list of musicians played everything from jazz to gospel, and the artistic Crown cake was created by Aaron Warr and was to die for!  If you missed it,  it will be up through the end of May, at the Time Gallery located at 

201 Clock Tower Drive , East Peoria, Il. There will be a Closing Reception/Gallery Talk on May 20th, 9:30 am- Noon. 

There is also a book of stunning photos to accompany the exhibit. To purchase, go to my website:



This show depicts a particular type of beauty absent from the retro vintage period (1940-1980). She was not the model chosen to adorn the covers of America's popular culture magazines. These magazines touted carefree messages such as "Be Beautiful Now, The New Beauty, What Your Look Reveals About You," and asked vacuous questions like, "Do You Like Your Nose?" and "What's in Season?" Yet, Her denial and erasure did not deter Her. Instead it strengthened and empowered Her.

This exhibit illustrates the fact that Her social issues were too big to be contained on magazine covers. While many were distracted, matching pocketbook colors to hand gloves, She was busy fighting for basic human rights, inspiring taglines much too challenging and authentic to sell fashion magazines.

See Her emerge from the shadows in all her glory--front and center--as I focus on Her many different Crowns of Empowerment.


 Natalie Jackson O'Neal

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Natalie Jackson O'Neal - So sorry you missed the reception, Pam. There is a closing reception on May 20th, 9:30am - noon.
Pamela Fady - Natalie, I'm so intriqued to see the beauty of your work. Your perspective is so valuable and much needed to reveal the beauty of God's handiwork of mankind.